Cycling Basic Membership

Cycling Basic Membership

$ 49.00

  • CLP: $ 32,408
/ 30 days

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A Custom Static Training Plans is suited for the athlete who is looking to add structure and focus to his or her training. MP coaches will set up workouts that are tailored to the athlete’s level, schedule and race goals. The athlete will then self guide using his or her Training Peaks account and may reach out to MP coaches should any questions arise.

  • Online Basic account (athlete may pay to upgrade to ultimate)
  • Clear explanation of all workouts
  • Appropriate building and tapering of volume to have you trained and well rested for your most important races.
  • Must be purchased in 3 month increments, can renew after 3 months with no setup fee
  • Adjustments may be purchased at the rate of $39 per week adjusted.
  • Private Swim/Bike/ Run/ Weight training Sessions available at $100/hour


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