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We provide personalized and data driven coaching with state of the art practices and methodologies.

Our goal is to make our athletes feel continuous improvements day by day with our training method.

We use a scientific approach to assess your capabilities and to design a realistic training plan that fits your goals, lifestyle and spare time, maximizing the outcome per trained hour.

No matter your performance level, you deserve to train like a pro, applying the technology available to get the most of you and your training.

We are the best best alternative to help you achieve your personal best, whatever it is.

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Global Team

We have members in many countries, so your coaching experience could be social as well. We can help you to connect team members in your city to get together for workouts, rides and long runs or we can help you finding a training partner when you are traveling abroad. You can be a virtual member of the community if you wish.

All level athletes are welcome, no matter if you are a beginner runner, cyclist, triathlete or swimmer, you are invited to belong to our club and no matter where you live or train. We use the technology to connect ourselves.

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our coaches

Marcelo Cardenas
Marcelo Cardenas
Coach, Ironman Certified
Gonzalo Saieg
Gonzalo Saieg
coach, Ironman Certified
Carlos Torres
Carlos Torres
coach, winter sports

Coaching Options

  • Triathlon Basic Membership

    $ 49.00
    • CLP: $ 32,408
    / 30 days
  • Triathlon Diamond Membership

    $ 300.00
    • CLP: $ 198,419
    / 30 days
  • Triathlon Performance Membership

    $ 150.00
    • CLP: $ 99,209
    / 30 days
Our athletes say


I improved my run pace in 1 minute with meeting point metodology. I never feel left out, I never feel like. This team is made up of champions at every level and you will become a better person at everything you do! Meeting Point team bring your dreams to reality! Let’s do this! Rodrigo Cardenas, Miami, Florida

Rodrigo Cardenas
Rodrigo CardenasAthlete

Cuál era mi objetivo para el próximo 70.3? Idealmente bajar las 6 horas. Mis coaches me dijeron que si bien iba a estar difícil, pero que si cumplía con su planificación tendría una altísima probabilidad de lograrlo.
Solo un mes para mi competencia, papá de mellizos de 2 meses y el resultado final???
5 horas 27 minutos!!!"

Santiago Riviello
Santiago RivielloTriatlete
Primero agradecer su ayuda, tiempo, dedicación y preocupación con mi preparación para la carrera.
Definitivamente el plan dio resultado, 4 horas 42 minutos, es mi mejor Ironman 70.3…no puedo estar más contento.
Al ser parte del Team Meeting Point me siento definitivamente entrenando como un profesional, sin serlo. Todo esta perfectamente diseñado para mi
Francisco Gutierrez
Francisco GutierrezTriatlete

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